About CBC Dental Laboratory

CBC dental lab

CBC Dental Lab is a multi award winning customer focused fixed restorative laboratory. Operating from bespoke premises in Thornbury, near Bristol, we specialises in cutting edge technologies.

CBC's active attitude to dentistry has thrust the company to the forefront of modern dentistry/profession in the UK.

Such as holding numerous education sessions each year for the whole dental team, in CBC's own dental skills and education programme.

Showcasing at many national dental events and chairing the technicians lecture programme for Dentistry 2011.

Also acting as lead consultants on the development of Renishaw's 3i Incise CAD/CAM milling system which has become a global product.

It is CBC's dedication to innovation and technology that has driven the company forward, building on the significant experience of our loyal staff, allowing CBC to be considered and recognised as being at the pinnacle of the profession.


Damas accreditation was first achieved in 2003 and has been maintained on the first attempt at each annual audit.

This scheme enables the us to provide evidence of our commitment to using approved manufacturing techniques and traceable materials.

With a growing staff of 18, including 12 GDC registered fully qualified technicians.

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The premises itself is a prime example, custom designed, it meets the needs of a busy and growing dental company, encompassing a full patient suite and teaching area, as well as dedicated areas for each process, professional administration offices and excellent staff facilities.


Our one year anniversary event in 2009, by Adrian Reed, a client and friend to the lab since 1976 until his retirement in 2010, was a celebration of completion of the final phase of the building project.

grand opening

The event was attended by dental staff, patients, as well as company reps and suppliers, it was our pleasure to show them our state of the art facilities and share this celebration of the move with all the people who make our company a success.

Also honoured were the 3 of our longest serving technicians, who have each been with the company over 30 years.

CBC Dental Lab, formerly Crown & Bridge Ceramics was established in 1976 in Bristol by two technicians, and under Paul and Shaun's control grown steadily to its current size.

Housing our dedicated staff of 18 employees several of whom have been with CBC for more than 20 years.

dental awards trophy

Meet the team

  • shaun
  • paul
  • mike
  • wendy
  • jade
  • chris
  • dave
  • matt
  • paul
  • mike
  • graham
  • rob
  • fredy
  • ian
  • ed
  • pipa
  • sophie
  • michelle
  • nick
  • phil
  • ken


picture of shaun

Joined CBC: 1982

One off the 2 directors at Crown and Bridge Dental, having worked his way up from an apprentice technician, he now co-manages the laboratory and a family.

He is still a practicing technician working on high end work whilst specialising in the all-ceramic CAD/CAM including acting as consultant for Renishaw and managing the lab.

An experienced and active member of the scout movement with special interest in hill walking and camping.

Likes: Sprouts and cabbage

Dislikes: Windy days


picture of paul

Joined CBC: 1982

One of the 2 directors is an experienced bench technician specialising in Implantology, case planning and is a guest lecturer for Astra Dental.

Paul was originally apprenticed to CBC many years ago and so know many of the clients very well. A qualified scuba diver and chainsaw operator, Paul is always hands on in his approach and likes to get involved.

Likes: Camping in his VW with wife Jackie

Dislikes: Blancmange and un-weeded herbaceous borders

Mike B

picture of mike

Joined CBC: 2000

Mike is the laboratory manager, usually the first point of contact where he delivers exemplary customer service whilst managing to keep the artisan technicians in line, just don't start him on football! A keen Plymouth Argyle supporter and a devoted Dad, Mike has become a vital part of CBC, and we even let him keep a picture of Plymouth Argyle stadium on his desk.

Likes: Football

Dislikes: Over complication


picture of wendy

Joined CBC: 2010

Our lively new office administrator, who is now one of the first points of contact is a welcome addition to the office. She is experienced and learning fast, quickly becoming an invaluable member of the team.

Likes: Discovering new areas of our wonderful country

Dislikes: Rude people


picture of jade

Joined CBC: 2006

Delivery driver and office administrator seen here in the middle. She is one of the faces of CBC and one of the familiar voices at the end of the phone. On Maternity leave with her first child Lois, she has taken a backseat from the deliveries and we wish her well.

Likes: Dogs

Dislikes: Celery


picture of chris

Joined CBC: 1994

Is a familiar face on the afternoon collection and delivery rounds, he is a qualified technician specialising in vacuum formed appliances as well as composite work. He is interested in motorbikes, camper vans and renovating his house, renovating his house and renovating his house, though he does claim he has now finished it, at least until he finds something else that needs doing. And we think he needs a castle to work on.

Likes: Motorbikes

Dislikes: Rain


picture of dave

Joined CBC: 1978

Knobby is our most experienced ceramist, he has been with the CBC for many years, and produces outstanding results with a full range of ceramics. One of our top ceramists he works on private and premier cases.

Dave is also active in the Scouting movement and is the county's archery advisor within the organisation, he also collects toothpicks.

Likes: Real ale

Dislikes: Arrogant people


picture of matt

Joined CBC: 2003

Has worked and trained in several of the UK top labs he is one of our top ceramists, he is a master with the ceramics brush and a dab hand with porcelains.

Always the first to speak his mind, his impish humour keeps the mood light. He is now a proud new father

Likes: Television

Dislikes: Unprofessionalism

Paul B

picture of paul

Joined CBC: 1996

As a multi talented technician and he puts his technical knowledge to use mentoring new staff, his primary role being a gold technician, and an authority on occlusion. He is a father, is a keen amateur archaeologist and has a 1st Class Degree in archaeology from The University of Bristol.

Likes: Digging holes

Dislikes: Being in photographs (we took this photo from a BBC news report)

Mike C

picture of mike

Joined CBC: 1982

Bob is one of the most experienced bonded technicians we have, utilising his superior knowledge of the trade he has become a major part in quality control.

He is a keen sportsman and enjoys golf, badminton, tennis and loves to travel.

Likes: Fridays on the golf course

Dislikes: Queues and Speed limits


picture of graham

Joined CBC: 1976

The original “gold man”, has been a mainstay of the company and is the longest serving team member. He enjoys a quiet life and is often heard discussing music and pop bands of yesteryear with Paul B.

Likes: Chocolate

Dislikes: Facebook and twitter


picture of rob

Joined CBC: 2001

Our gentle giant with a soft side and a delicate touch with the ceramics brush. A dedicated family man with a keen passion for bikes and all things mechanical.

Likes: Monkeys

Dislikes: Powdered onion


picture of fredy

Joined CBC: 2009

One of our recent additions she (yes Fred is female) is a keen technician focused on precision and delicacy, a very versatile technician we hope that she can play an active role in the future of the company. She enjoys cooking, cricket, camping and ironing towels.

Likes: Old English castles

Dislikes: Beetroot


picture of ian

Joined CBC: 2003

Jumbo, is the metal machine, as our specialist metalwork technician he is responsible for all the Implant metalwork and complex metal frameworks. Trained in London, and now happily relocated with his family to Bristol he is the noisy one at the work events and an authority on any and all illnesses that man can suffer. Seen here with one of his 2 daughters.

Likes: Socialising

Dislikes: Pointless legislation


picture of ed

Joined CBC: 2004

A CBC apprenticed technician, trained at CBC and now qualified, and he is now a specialist CAD/CAM technician whilst developing his overall technical skills. He is an active scout leader and likes to grow vegetables, although he is not so keen to eat them.

Likes: Active lifestyle

Dislikes: Boring people


picture of pipa

Joined CBC: 2008

The plaster room supervisor, trained by CBC, she is a bubbly personality and always brightens up the plaster room with her smiles and easygoing nature.

An artistic character who enjoys painting, and gardening and once cycled from Aberdeen to Milton Keynes

Likes: Art

Dislikes: Getting up


picture of sophie

Joined CBC: 2010

A new face in the plaster room, she is undergoing full supervised training, at CBC. She likes watching Eastenders, her cat and is the Dursley mini golf champion.

Likes: Animals

Dislikes: Spiders


picture of michelle

Joined CBC: 2001

An experienced plaster room assistant, she has now returned part time to be a vital part of our plaster room team. She is now a grandma, enjoys pub quizzes and puzzles.

Likes: Michael Jackson

Dislikes: Sauces


picture of nick

Joined CBC: 2003

A vital part-time support, running projects and covering deliveries, fulfilling many roles within CBC from the important to the irregular tasks.

With an artistic bent and a keen interest in photography he adds his flair in both events and literature. Preferring travel and foreign climes he is sometimes hard to track down.

Likes: Creative people

Dislikes: Pyjamas


picture of phil

Joined CBC: 2010

Big Phil is our new morning delivery driver. A lively character who enjoys spending summer afternoons in his garden with a good meal and a beer.

Likes: Food

Dislikes: Arsenal Supporters


picture of ken

Joined CBC: 1979

Known as uncle Kenny to all, though literally to Paul. One of the old boys, retired, he still helps about the lab, carrying out vital equipment maintenance. He likes to tell everyone how the world should be.

A weight lifter and body builder for many years Ken trained with Dave Prowse the infamous Darth Vader actor. He even claims he was told he had a better left hook Henry Cooper, and would have been an international cricketer but he couldn't catch a ball.

Likes: Not a lot

Dislikes: Everything

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