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The long term success and predictability of implants can now be assured, thanks to the continuing development of implantology since the pioneering work of Dr Branemark in the 1960s and 70s. Subperidontal implants have given way to more commonly used endouseous implants, with continued advancement in their design, surface preparation and surface treatment.

With a vast array of implant manufacturing companies now offering dental implants, the selection of a system can be daunting.

There is the option to select from market leaders with premium products or to consider more cost effective systems, which often imitate the larger manufacturers.

We can offer our experience and expertise to assist any general practicing clinicians moving into this complex area. Working closely with a restorative laboratory avoids problems and develops superior results.

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Our experience also allows us to provide advanced services to the specialist implantologist including case assessment planning, material selection and tissue contouring as part of our service. Paul Johnston our director holds Platinum accreditation with Straumann. His experience and skill has led to him presenting and lecturing as part of postgraduate education programmes. He oversees all implant cases in production within the laboratory to ensure the highest quality is maintained.

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CBC actively encourages and supports anybody who is contemplating a future in this growing field to develop this area of their work. It is immensely rewarding to see patients successfully restored, using modern materials and techniques that achieve outstanding results.

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