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Are a type of restoration which completely cover a tooth.

Often used to strengthen or protect teeth against future damage or decay. Sometimes known as caps


Can be produced to replace a missing tooth.

Generally an adjacent tooth is used to support a solid tooth which fits the gap. Sometimes more than one tooth may be required for support.


Is a thin layer of restorative material which covers the frontal surface of a tooth.

Used to restore badly worn, damaged or discoloured teeth.

We provide the following services for all patients.

All ceramic

CBC dental

These restorations offer fantastic aesthetics without the need for metal, whilst providing exceptional strength & superb biocompatibility.

Porcelain fused to metal

CBC dental

The traditional choice of restorative dental work for many years, involving fusing porcelain to a metal framework.


CBC dental

An implant is a replacement root for a missing tooth which can support a crown, bridge or stabilise a denture.

All metal crowns

CBC dental

Constructed from various metal alloys, these are strong and durable but with lower aesthetics.

Other products

CBC dental

Anti snoring appliances, tooth whitening trays Sportsguards, nightguards, and other services.

Confidence in quality

CBC dental

How we ensure your restoration confirms to the highest standards, using voluntary and statutory quality control processes.

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